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Congratulations to the 2020 Digital Portfolio Winners!

1st Place Winner: Kaitlyn Mills:
2nd Place Winner: Gwyn Rush:
3rd Place Winner: Eve Barrett:

The Top 4-8, alphabetically:
Claire Moore:
Gwen Kirschke:
Emma Olson:
Taylor Parks:
Mihika Rao:

Student Receiving Honorable Mention:
Adena Adams:
Antonella Basso:
Sydney Y.K. Brown:
Zoie Moore:
Kayla Spinks:
Leah Trotman:
Charlotte Ward:
Arin Yost:

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Top Portfolios:
#1.CJ Mongomery:
#2. Lizzie Apel:
#3. Alexis Doss:

The Top 4-10 (in no particular order):
Kristina Kimball: 
Emma McKeon:
Hannah Piecuch:
Abigail Stern:
Jacqueline Yarbough: 
Sylvia Marshall:
Alexia Crockett: 

Our Honorable Mentions:
Amanda Burns:
Daney Flanagan:
Quynh Nguyen:

To view this year’s Digital Portfolio Archive of Excellence, 


Congratulations to the following seniors for placing in the Digital Portfolio Showcase:

Mallika Balakrishnan – First Place Winner
Dais Johnston – Second Place Winner
Zoe Katz – Third Place Winner

The following seniors are among the top 10 finalists from the class of 2019.

Congratulations to:
Nicole Gilkeson
Jordan Keesler
Tisiya Mahoro
Lydia Mathis
Rachel Steinberg
Elizabeth Wolfe
Maria Zetina

The following portfolios also received honorable mention:

Katie Curtin
Amira Daugherty
Sydney Popsuj
Esme Rodehaver
Kierstynn Schulze

To view this year’s Digital Portfolio Archive of Excellence, 

Thank you to the students, faculty, staff, judges, and President Zak for supporting our outstanding seniors.

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