2018 Archive of Excellence

This entire site is currently viewable by request of current Agnes Scott students, faculty, or staff only.

Mallika Balakrishnan -1st Place

Dais Johnston - 2nd place

Zoe Katz- 3rd place

This year’s judges included:

Dr. Jennie Dolan Thomas, Center for Disease Control
E.R. Anderson, Charis Bookstore
Levitica Watts, Professional Consultant
Sarah Lampley, Social Media Influencer
Alicia Johnson, CNN Digital

The top three winners received awards sponsored by ABC Research (Atlanta Biomedical Clinical Research) and Reclaim Hosting. The prizes for this year’s showcase included:

Ebrik Gift Cards, Formal invitation to the CNN Morning Briefing, Free Domain Hosting for a year, 50$ Best Buy gift card, and New Beats headphones and Bluetooth speaker.

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