Lizzie Apel

Senior at Agnes Scott College, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Physics. Planning to graduate in Fall 2019 and relocate to Portland, Oregon shortly thereafter. Experience in museum, classroom, laboratory, and automotive shop settings. Passionate about making STEM education exciting and accessible for younger audiences by grounding it in real-world applications such as automotive science, vehicular maintenance, circuit construction, racing & motorsports, video game design, and other hands-on engineering projects.


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Testimonials from previous employers, mentors, and supervisors.
Katie Williams

Katie Williams

Manager, World of Speed Motorsports Museum

"Lizzie is the best! She is organized, motivated, and highly skilled in explaining complex concepts to children of all ages. I highly recommend her work."

Dr. Nicole Ackerman

Dr. Nicole Ackerman

Mentor & Advisor, Agnes Scott College

"Lizzie is very thorough and has excellent attention to detail. In PHY 311 (Laboratory Physics), she consistently made careful observations and captured nuanced aspects of experiments in her lab notebooks and lab reports."

Rob Merrick

Rob Merrick

Supervisor, World of Speed Motorsports Museum

"Lizzie is able to learn very quickly, and her expertise in coding helped us immensely."

Lewis Ferguson

Lewis Ferguson

Employer, World of Speed Motorsports Museum

"It was a great experience to work with Lizzie Apel during our summer camps at World of Speed. Her professionalism and enthusiasm were contagious, and helped to make our camps a huge success! She is organized, thoughtful in her approach to teaching, and excels at working with children of different ages, skill levels, and needs. I would love to work with her again, and I highly recommend her to whomever is lucky enough to have the chance to hire her."


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