About Me

After I graduate, I would love to work in the field of Sustainability through education, outreach, or other ways of social and environmental engagement. I am particularly interested in food and waste systems.


Dream Jobs

My name is Amanda Burns and I am a senior at Agnes Scott College. 

I am majoring in Sociology/Anthropology, and minoring in Environmental Studies. I also will graduate with the SUMMIT Global Specialization.


Throughout my life, I have been drawn to the environment, and being at Agnes Scott has helped me hone this into a strong interest in sustainability and environmental studies and how it connects with sociology and anthropology.

Before I transferred to Agnes Scott College in the Fall of 2017, I went to two other colleges, College of the Atlantic (Bar Harbor, ME) and Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA).



Before Agnes Scott College, I have had many opportunities to engage in different experiences that I still reflect on and draw from today. 

  • Composting and gardening work-study positions in Maine
  • Living and studying in Maine, across the street from Acadia National Park
  • Week-long sailing trip for college orientation in Maine
  • Long-term employee position at a small bakery
  • Student Conservation Association crew member for two summers in high-school
  • Dual-enrollment in college courses during high-school
  • Week-long trip to Germany in high-school through an exchange program

When I was young, I loved to draw, make things, and play outside. I grew up 10 minutes away from Agnes Scott, and went to an after care program called ColorWheel Afterschool Art Studio, right across the train tracks from Agnes. 


While I was there, I was commissioned to create a collage of Agnes Scott’s most prominent building, Main Hall. Little did I know that I would attend Agnes Scott as a transfer student later on in my life!


photo credit: “Amanda and Agnes Scott Collage” All Rights Reserved, Amanda Burns 2006.

photos: All Rights Reserved, Amanda Burns 2016-2019.